Young Living Introduces 3 New Enrollment Kits - The Make A Shift Bundles!
Simplified By Jacob + Kait Tropical Tango™ Lip Balm And Hand Cream!

Want To Save Money On Your Young Living Order? Here's How To Get 10% Off Your First Order AND Earn Product Credits Toward Future Orders!

Customers Share Young Living
Here's an awesome savings that we're excited to share with you! As a new Young Living customer you can now get 10% off your FIRST Young Living order of 50PV or more! As a customer you will also have your very own personal referral link to share with friends and family. By doing this you can earn 25 percent of their order’s total PV back in product credits to spend on future purchases! 

How Can I Save Money And Get 10% Off My First Young Living Order?

Click here to place your first order. By using this link you'll receive 10% off your first order of 50PV or more. PV is the point value associated with this Young Living product. PV is accumulated with every order. If you make your order a loyalty order and it's 50+ PV,  your loyalty order each month earns you loyalty points and gifts with Loyalty Rewards, Young Living's perks program.

At checkout use the promo code SHAREYL to get the 10% off.

As A Young Living Customer How Do I Refer Others And Earn Product Credits?

If you’re a Young Living customer, be sure to share your favorite products with your friends and family using your Young Living personal referral link. When they use your link to place a 50+ PV (point value) first-time order, have them use the promo code SHAREYL at checkout to get 10 percent off. Plus, you’ll earn 25 percent of their order’s PV in product credits to spend on your future purchases!

When you sign into your Young Living account, click on My Account. There will be a drop down and select Share YL. By using your own personal Share YL code you can give your friends and family 10 percent off their first order of 50PV or more. You will see "Your Personal Referral Link" and there will be a link similar to this -

Sharing is the best way to help others discover the power of Young Living® essential oils. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of these oils, it’s only natural to want to share them! Learn more about becoming a Brand Partner. 

If you’re a Brand Partner, share your faves using your Young Living personal referral link. Remember to give your new Customer or Brand Partner enrollee the SHAREYL code to use at checkout when they place a 50+ PV first-time order so they can save 10 percent. As a Brand Partner, you’ll earn 50 percent in Fast Start Bonuses on all PV purchases your new Customer or Brand Partner enrollee makes in their first month.*

Now there are 3 amazing ways to MAKE THE SHIFT to a non-toxic lifestyle using effective and powerful plant medicines. There are 3 NEW starter kits that are only $100 each using the 10% off SHAREYL code! You can check them out here!

What Is The Promo Code To Save 10% On My Young Living Order?

To get 10 percent off your first Young Living order of 50PV or more use promo code SHAREYL.

Customer Refer A Friend Program

If you're pretty new to the whole concept of essential oils, for now, the short easy answer is that essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained from the plant.

They're harvested from farm-grown or wild-crafted plants, herbs, and trees. Then they are carefully extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing.

Shop  For Young Living Essential Oils

Enjoy your oily day!
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