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7 Ways Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend From Young Living Lives Up To Its Name

7 Ways Peace and Calming Lives Up To Its Name

If managing meltdowns or achieving focus during transitional parts of the day has proven to be a challenge for you or your family during the wild summer schedule, try reaching for the Peace & Calming blend.

Relax into the combined aromas of Blue Tansy, Orange, Tangerine, PatchouliYlang Ylang, and more. Together they work to create a calming, tranquil sense of peace.

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Peace & Calming is great to diffuse and can also be applied topically. Here are some ways Young Living recommends incorporating Peace & Calming into the day:

  • Work, parenting, and even just finding time to breathe can take a toll on your skin. Peace & Calming includes Young Living’s Orange and Blue Tansy essential oils, which help reduce the appearance of blemishes and soothe your skin. That's a yes from me!

  • Use as a perfume on the wrists and neck as desired to create your distinguished signature scent.

  • Add drops to unscented lotion as an easy way to reapply it throughout the day.

  • Add a drop of Peace & Calming to your skincare at night before you go to bed to give your skin (and bedtime!) routine a boost.

  • Make a skin spray with 2 ounces of water and 10 drops of Peace & Calming to use whenever you want to refresh tired skin. This is best in a glass spray bottle designed for essential oils.

  • Maybe work was stressful, the kids are a little stir-crazy, and you got stuck on the freeway for an hour... Sometimes it can be tough just to get through the day. Take a break to center yourself with a Peace & Calming-infused bath. Add 5 drops of Peace & Calming and 5 drops of Copaiba essential oil to ½ cup of Epsom salt then add to the bath for a relaxing soak. Pro Tip: If you have empty bottles of these oils, you can place the whole bottle into your bath water and soak it all in!
  • Apply Peace & Calming to the bottoms of feet at night as part of a bedtime ritual for your whole family.

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Enjoy your oily day!
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