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Young Living Introduces The KidScents Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit For Your Babies And Kids!

Young Living September 2020 Promos!

Young Living September 2020 Promos

Young Living September 2020 promos are here!! Learn more about the promo products here.

Free shipping is here! Place as many 100+ PV orders as you desire and you’ll get free shipping every time! Learn about Young Living free shipping here.

SPEND 190 PV ON Essential Rewards + GET PURIFICATION 5ML
With Purification oil, you’ll never need to feel embarrassed by bad odors from cooking, laundry, pets, or anything else life throws your way. Diffuse it throughout your house or use a more targeted approach so you always feel confident in your home, in the car, or on the go!

You can also use it as a spot treatment on breakouts (thank you Tea Tree!). Containing Citronella, this oil also helps you enjoy the outdoors without buzzing annoyances!

When you add Copaiba to any other oil, it enhances the properties and absorption of that oil. Apply it topically to tired muscles after a workout and to your face for healthier looking skin.

You can even add Copaiba Vitality to water and honey and *voila * you have tea. This is also a favorite of teething babies and teenagers with new braces! Rub a drop right on the gums for relief.

Style up your snacks. Trade single-use takeout carriers and plastic bags for this heather gray, paint-splattered cooler that’s easy to tote and even easier to coordinate with every outfit.

Minty breath isn’t worth dyes and preservatives. Freshen up after meals with naturally derived Cinnamon and Peppermint-infused mini mints. I love to use these while in crowds and on planes for the pressure.

Grab your resources and look this one up because it is SO good! Rub M-Grain onto your temples, shoulders, and neck for occasional tension. This blend contains Basil, Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile and Helichrysum so use it on your feet at night for some sweet sleep and to keep your feeling healthy too (Basil & Marjoram are Raindrop oils)!

When you’re feeling like hiding in a dark room, pop this oil in the diffuser, rub it on your temples, and take a quick nap! You’ll bounce back in no-time!

September 2020 Young Living Promos

Young Living Charcoal Bar Soap is 10% off in September!

It’s amazing for oily skin, blemishes and taking off makeup. And also stink! Teenagers love this soap for both their face and body and I love it after a sweaty workout and my own face.

Activated charcoal does the dirty work of deep-cleaning pores, while aloe vera and essential oils leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

It’s 10% off all month!

*Limit 2 per account
Shop only orders. (Not available on Essential Rewards)

This deal is available all month long or while supplies last.

Young Living Charcoal Bar Soap 10% Off

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Enjoy your oily day!
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