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Free Shipping From Young Living On All Orders 100PV Or More!

Yes, that's right! Young Living now offers free shipping on all orders that are 100PV or more! It doesn't matter if you order as a retail customer or a wholesale member because as long as your order is at least 100PV, you'll get free shipping in the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Puerto Rico, and Guam on 100 PV orders! 

Receive Free Shipping  On All Young Living Orders 100PV Or More

To qualify for free shipping, place an order of at least 100 PV and select the Economy shipping method at checkout. If you wish to upgrade to faster shipping, you have several options available to you. Learn all about our free shipping program and delivery options below.

Think about how AWESOME this is!

You place an Essential Rewards order with 100+ PV and BOOM! Free shipping.

You place a shop/quick order with 100+ PV and BOOM again! Free shipping. Just think all the times you forgot to put something on your Essential Rewards order, now you'll get free shipping on those shop orders too!

Your friend enrolls and gets a premium starter kit and BOOM! She gets free shipping!

Your mom wants the What's New Wednesday products or something that goes on sale. She can place a 100 PV order and BOOM get free shipping.

Everyone wins with FREE SHIPPING!

So let me talk about some details:

• Shipping times listed is transit time only. Please include processing time for Young Living (which right now due to the current happenings is at 7-10 business days). So plan your orders accordingly (aka order early). 

• Both Essential Rewards and Shop/Quick Orders qualify. Multiple orders can be placed - they just need to be 100 PV or more.

• Any Young Living products can be included in the qualifying free shipping order, provided the order meets the 100 PV requirement

• New enrollments will get free shipping on their first order, provided it meets the minimum 100 PV requirement.

• Free shipping is available only with the Economy shipping method.

• Be sure you have PV Assist set up for your ER order so it never dips below 100 PV - and you don't miss out on free shipping.

• You can pay to get expedited shipping - including Standard, Expedited, or Express shipping.

• Maximum weight limit for free shipping is 70 pounds.

• NFR Members cannot participate in the free shipping program.

• Professional Account customers cannot participate in the free shipping program.

• This is available to retail customers too! If you don't want to become a Young Living member and order as a retail customer, you'll receive free shipping as long as your order is 100PV or more!

New Shipping Options For Young Living

Do New Young Living enrollments get free shipping? Yes, new enrollments will get free shipping on their first order, provided it meets the minimum 100 PV requirement. Here's the easy way - start with a Premium Starter Kit because that is 100PV and Boom - you've unlocked FREE SHIPPING! If you start with our Basic Starter Kit be sure to add 100PV worth of additional products to your order to receive free shipping.

You can also order a Young Living Military Starter Kit and get free shipping as long as the order total reaches the 100 PV minimum.

Receive FREE SHIPPING On All Young Living Orders 100PV Or More -

Here's some of the benefits your Young Living Wholesale membership gives you:

  • Save 24% on every Young Living purchase.
  • Save even more with Essential Rewards, up to 25% more.
  • Earn free products with monthly promotions.
  • No monthly obligations or membership fees.
  • You'll see Enroller/Sponsor ID 1795137 and that's us!
  • Watch for our welcome and invites to our exclusive online communities.
  • ​FREE SHIPPING on all 100PV+ orders in the US.​
  • Shop for Young Living essential oils and wellness products.
  • Join us now!

Shop  For Young Living Essential Oils at

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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