Young Living July 2020 Promos!
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Young Living August 2020 Monthly Promos!

August 2020 Young Living Promos

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Oh my goodness! I’m in LOVE️ with the freebies this month from Young Living! It’s all about how to enjoy your oils in the kitchen - perfect for end-of-the-summer BBQs and back-to-school dinners.

Alright before we start talking about these promos, I want to make sure that you all know about Essential Rewards. Please make sure you are ordering on Essential Rewards!!! GUYS. Best value, and freebies, and perks! This is our monthly wellness box ordering program that offers points back and additional promos. View our Essential Rewards (ER) info here.

Young Living August 2020 Promos -

Now let’s learn about these promos...

Spend 400 PV and get this Apron Set + everything below

STOP IT! This is freaking adorable! Satisfy summer cravings in style. Match with your sous-chef in essential oil-themed aprons! The adult-sized apron features an image of a 15 ml bottle, while the one for your little chef showcases a 5 ml bottle.

Clean messes in a cinch. While secret sauces and mouthwatering flavors are flying, make sure cleanup is easy as pie and your clothes are protected with washer- and dryer-approved aprons.

Spend 300 PV and get this Charcuterie Board + everything below

Serve up scrumptious snacks. While passing around chips and dips, use this YL-branded charcuterie board—with three Vitality™ oil bottle holders—to encourage unique tastes for sophisticated palates.

Become the host with the most. What’s better than an invite to a summer soiree? A summer soiree that starts with appetizers! Whip out fancy cheeses and cured meats to wow the crowd.

Spend 250 PV and get 5 ml of Mountain Savory Vitality + Orange Vitality + everything below

Mountain Savory is a single oil, not a blend. Not oily is it great for immune support, you can use it as an energizing and motivating oil too. Put a few drops in a veggie capsule and take it internally or put it in the diffuser.

If you’ve never cooked with Mountain Savory, start with dishes that pair well with oregano - meats, pesto, and pasta - since they boast a similar flavor.

In addition to Mountain Savory, you’ll also get a 5 ml bottle of Orange when you spend 250 PV.

Combat food comas while feasting. Start each day with a big glass of water infused with 2–3 drops of Orange Vitality for digestive support that will get you through a multi-course menu.

Sip to your party’s success. The dishwasher is loaded, your feet are up - celebrate your summer shindig with mint tea or sparkling water infused with a burst of Orange Vitality. 🍊

Orange also smells amazing in the diffuser. It’s a great pick-me-up when you need to feel energized. I call it my bottle of sunshine.

Spend 190 PV and get 5 ml Black Pepper Vitality + 5 ml Coriander + 5 ml Parsley + everything below

Black Pepper Vitality is amazing! Add a drop or two of Black Pepper Vitality to any recipe to add complex, rich, spicy goodness you can’t resist. I just got a tip that a drop added to hamburgers makes it taste scrumptious!

You can even add Black Pepper Vitality to cocktails. Swirl a toothpick infused with Black Pepper Vitality into NingXia Zyng, bubbly club soda, or thirst-quenching icy drinks will have your taste buds singing. Yum!

Black Pepper not only tastes great, it’s awesome for boosting metabolism too. Yep, you read that right. It’s also great for endurance - another reason to add to Zyng or Nitro. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

You’ll also get these bonus oils if you spend 190 PV on Essential Rewards: Coriander and Parsley Vitality essential oils.

Coriander Vitality (also known as Chinese parsley) is a great addition to your favorite dishes like tamales, pot stickers, and naan. It’s savory and delicious.

It’s also got antioxidants (great for the immune system) and helps to protect the liver. It’s found in a ton of our favorite oil blends including Believe, Clarity, Harmony, Joy, Gentle Baby, and Magnify Your Purpose - and used for it’s soothing and calming benefits.

Parsley Vitality can be used in your favorite green smoothies, soups, and stocks, and known for it’s cleansing and antioxidant properties. We love to add a drop to our Pure Protein Complete Chocolate along with a capsule of MultiGreens. It really helps to support the digestive system and liver.

Spend 100 PV and get 5 ml Thyme Vitality (ER exclusive)

Take your “thyme” while marinating. Infuse chicken breasts, fillets of fish, and veggies with Thyme Vitality. Just a drop or two will have your guests pining for your award-winning recipe.

Thyme can also be used to spice up your sauces. While mixing fats and acids to perfect your salad dressing, vegetable dip, and pasta sauce, take it to the next level with Thyme Vitality’s lemony and minty notes.

Thyme is known for helping to overcome fatigue and exhaustion, and used in many over-the-counter mouthwashes and vapor rubs. So think about how you can add a drop to your Thieves Mouthwash or make your own chest rub with thyme.

Thyme Vitality is one of my first oils that I reach for when I need immune support too. It’s a must-have.

Young Living August 2020 Promos

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Enjoy your oily day!
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