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What's Your Ideal Diffuser Blend For Your Personality?

Sometimes you say to yourself...self, what diffuser blend fits me? Breathing in the scents from a well-crafted blend is one of the best ways to experience essential oils. Young Living has Essential Oil Premium Starter Bundles contain a diffuser and that's the perfect way to get started. You'll get some of our favorite essential oils in your kit to pop in your diffuser when it arrives.

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But how do you know which blend is for you? How do you know what blend you can gift to share with which friend? What scents are best for a budding artist? Which aromas speak to an entrepreneurial spirit?

Put your stress away! We’ve taken out the guesswork with a carefully curated list of diffuser blends for you and everyone you know. 

The Go-Getter Blend!

Work, work, work! Are you busy working a 9 to 5 or building an entrepreneurial empire? Don't stop until you catch your dreams. With a never-ending to-do list and a work-hard, play-hard mentality, the go-getter will love this blend of Dream CatcherCitronella, and Spearmint.

Go Getter Diffuser Blend

The Page Turner Diffuser Blend

To read or not to read, that is not the question. The question is which book to read next. When someone prefers e-books to eating, they need a truly novel blend. The cozy combination of Brain PowerCypress, and Bergamot is just what the author ordered!

Page Turn Diffuser Blend

The Fitness Fanatic Diffuser Blend

Do you say you're doing a few sets of squats and turn it into a straight 30 minute marathon? Does the gym call to you morning, noon and night? That kind of dedication deserves En-R-GeeCitrus Fresh, and Peppermint—a blend of energizing scents for the person who knows the only bad workout is no workout. #TrueStory

Fitness Fanatic Diffuser Blend

The Mountaineer Diffuser Blend

Whenever the wild calls, the adventurer in you answers. You love traveling where the air is clear, the land untouched, and the WiFi weak. If there ain’t no mountain high enough, there ain’t no better time to pop this outdoorsy blend of GrapefruitRosemaryJuniper, and Wintergreen in the diffuser. 

The Mountaineer Diffuser Blend

The Creative Genius Diffuser Blend

You believe the world is your canvas, not your oyster. A canvas allows for far more colorful possibilities. You take the everyday and turn it into something uncommonly beautiful. Speak to your artistic soul with the warm, inspiring blend of Black PepperFrankincense, and Manuka.

Creative Genius Diffuser Blend

Life of the Party Diffuser Blend

Are you the social butterfly of the group, always in the know and constantly on the go? Your to-do list has a single task: Attend all the parties. From backyard barbecue to annual awards gala, if there’s a guest list, you better be on it. If you're an extrovert and just chomping at the bits until the next party, go with an extra-playful blend of scents: JoyRoyal Hawaiian Sandalwood*, and Stress Away.

Life of the Party Diffuser Blend

The Clean Machine Diffuser Blend

Your home is tidy from top to bottom. The carpet has fresh vacuum lines, the counters are crumb free, and the closets are spotless. There’s a place for everything—and you better believe everything is in its place. This level of squeaky-clean calls for the bright, fresh blend of Jade Lemon and Pine.

Clean Machine Diffuser Blend

The Guardian Angel Diffuser Blend

Toddler tamer. Child whisperer. When you need someone to care for your little ones, but you're the only one home, pop this blend in the diffuser. You'll feel like you have the magic touch when it comes to managing youth and the mayhem that often ensues. Of course, sometimes you need to call in the reserves—in this case, the grounding, calming aromas of KidScents GeneYusCedarwood, and Tangerine.

Guardian Angel Diffuser Blend

The Golden Years Diffuser Blend

Getting older has its benefits. We’re talking guilt-free naps, grandkids, and the greatest perk: senior discounts. If you're hanging out and enjoying life or just wishing you were, we recommend the peaceful, relaxing aromas of LavenderOrange, and Patchouli.

Golden Years Diffuser Blend

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