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Tips On Using Essential Oils In The Nursery And For Your Children

Essential Oils In The Nursery

When you love essential oils, you want to share them with your whole family—including the newest members! Essential oils can be fantastic for young children and babies, but it’s important to use oils in a way that is safe for their sensitive systems. Here’s what you need to know about using essential oils in the nursery!

Young Living offers 2 lines to help you muddle through it all and take out any guess work. First they have the Seedlings line! Young Living Seedlings is designed to make it simple for parents to find pure, gentle products infused with baby-safe essential oils to care for their littlest, most vulnerable family members. With essential oil-infused products made by experts and diluted to a strength safe for your baby, Seedlings leaves you with peace of mind and your baby feeling snug and secure.

The second is our KidScents line. The Young Living KidScents line is specially designed products for your children. These range from essential oils to body products. 

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Tips for diluting essential oils for babies and children...

Tips for diluting essential oils for babies and kids

General safety guidelines for using essential oils for babies and children...

Safety guidelines for oils and children

Essential oils to use with caution around babies and children...

Essential Oils to use with caution around children

Ready to use essential oils and products for babies and children...

Ready to use solutions for babies and children

You Don't Think Your Baby Products Have Toxic Ingredients?

Try reading a few labels from the products that you are using now. Are any of the chemicals mentioned above in them? If so, then for the love of your baby, please throw the product out (ditch it)!

Young Living Formulated 6 Products to Help you Keep Your Baby Safe

Many of us were elated when products were formulated specifically for infants, babies, and pregnant women! Each of the items in this group is safe and natural as well as effective.

The product line is called “Seedlings,” how adorable is this name?

These products are much more than a cute product name. They were formulated by diluting essential oils to a strength that is recommended for your infant!

Shop the Young Living Seedlings line for babies.

Young Living Seedlings line

We live in a world that is becoming more aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to in our food, household products, and personal care products, and we are choosing to avoid these products and use safer alternatives! The KidScents line is to help you avoid those products.

Young Living KidScents line

I’m happy to introduce you to a line of children’s products that you will love using. I'm even betting that there will be some that you will never want to be without it.

These are fabulous alternatives to comparable products found on many store shelves (without the dangerous ingredients). KidScents - products that you will be proud to use.

Shop the Young Living KidScents line for your children!

Shop  For Young Living Essential Oils

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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