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DIY Muscle Spray

Have you been hitting it hard at the gym? Maybe you've been decorating for the holidays? Or working out in the yard?

Whatever the reason, if your muscles are needing a little TLC, try this DIY Muscle Spray!

It will take you less than a minute to make. 

DIY Muscle Spray www.EssentialOils4Sale.com

You're going to want a 4oz spray bottle for this. You can pick one up at Amazon and I suggest using a glass spray bottle. They have all sorts of cute and fancy spray bottles too! 

We've used OrthoSport as the carrier oil for this recipe. Ortho Sport Massage Oil combines pure vegetable oils with therapeutic-grade essential oils such as Wintergreen, Peppermint, Thyme, and Oregano. By using this instead of a different carrier oil, your muscles receive the additional benefits of those added essential oils.

OrthoSport is only available through Young Living. You can purchase Young Living essential oils and products as a retail customer or become a member. Members receive a 24% discount for life! You can get started with either our Basic Kit ($35) or one of our Premium Starter Bundles. Our Premium Starter Kits contain Panaway and Copaiba! All you need to do is add the OrthoSport to your order before checking out and you'll be ready to make this Muscle Spray when your kit arrives.

Save 24% Off Your Young Living Order www.OilyAndLovingIt.com

DIY Muscle Spray

• 2 ounce OrthoSport

• 20 drops Panaway (blend of oils including wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint)

• 10 drops Copaiba essential oil

Be sure to share this before each use.

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We only use and recommend Young Living essential oils. Our recipes and information is geared only toward using Young Living products. We ship to over 100 countries! Select your country from the drop down menu. 

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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