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DIY Pet Stain And Odor Remover

DIY Pet Stain Remover
Accidents happen! Instead of getting mad, make this quick solution and apply.

1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon salt
15 drops Lemon essential oil
5 drops Purification essential oil blend
2 cups baking soda (optional for tough or dried stains)
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Instructions for new accidents:
1. Add the essential oils to the salt and mix well.
2. In a glass spray bottle, combine the salt mixture, apple cider vinegar, and water. Mix thoroughly until salt has dissolved.
3. Blot the area to remove excess moisture.
4. Shake the bottle, then spray the soiled area generously until saturated.
Let the mixture sit on the spot for about 15 minutes.
5. Using an old hand towel to soak up the mixture by blotting until moisture is removed. Do not apply heat to aid in the drying process as it can cause unwanted odors and stains to set permanently!

For old or set-in odors or stains:
1. Spray the area generously until wet.
2. Sprinkle baking soda will absorb the stain during this time.
3. Once it dries, scoop up as much of the baking soda by hand as possible and then vacuum thoroughly to remove any remaining powder. 

Lemon and Purification essential oils are great to diffuse too! Sometimes the house needs a little refreshing and these are perfect to pop in the diffuser. 
We also make a carpet freshener with Purification and baking soda. Just sprinkle on the carpet and let sit for 5-10 minutes before vacuuming. This will make your house smell great and get rid of any stale smells or pet odors. It's also perfect when company says they're stopping by and you really don't have a ton of time to clean. Your house will smell like you did! Enjoy this quick hack.
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Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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