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Really What Is So Special About Young Living Essential Oils?

Really What Is So Special About Young Living Essential Oils
Essential oils! Maybe you've dabbled in them or maybe you are ready to try them for the first time. No matter what your situation is, if you haven't used Young Living essential oils, you don't know what you are missing. They are fabulous! Really they are.
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Years ago, ok like over 25 years ago, I tried lavender essential oil and made a linen spray. No results. Nothing. Sure, it sort of smelled good but what I didn't know is I was using a fragrance oil. It had no therapeutic benefits but back then there really wasn't a lot of info about them. Since I didn't see or feel any results I stopped making it. 
Then around 2013 I started hearing more about them. I dismissed it because again, I made Lavender linen spray and besides smelling good, it certainly did nothing else. By the end of 2013, it seemed like everywhere I looked, Young Living essential oils was popping up. Recipes and how to's were everywhere. So I started to pay attention to some Facebook groups and these people had such great ideas and mentioned so many ways the Young Living essential oils were benefiting them and their family, I said I really need to try these.
I found what Young Living calls an Enroller and Sponsor and purchased a Premium Starter Bundle. That was May 1, 2014. The Premium Starter Bundle back then had some different essential oils than it does today but the first thing I thought was...what am I going to do with these 11 essential oils (now it has 12 essential oils). I know they are referred to as Everyday Oils, but we already know how "every day" my lavender essential oil linen spray was back then. However, I said I would keep an open mind and try these.
All I can say is that was the BEST decision! What I didn't know is there is a major difference between fragrance oils and pure therapeutic grade oils. I didn't know that Young Living has been the leader in essential oils since 1996. I didn't know that Young Living was the only essential oil company to have the Seed to Seal guarantee. I didn't know that when you diffused essential oils, applied them topically or ingested them, there were benefits. Now diffusing I was cool with because I made that lavender linen spray but applying or ingesting? Whoa! What the heck was that all about? Let's say I've learned a lot and my list of now "Every Day Oils" is greater than the 11 essential oils that are in the Premium Starter Bundle. I often say...I've got an oil for that, because I do!
I recommend Young Living's Premium Starter Bundle. It includes 12 awesome bottles of essential oils plus an amazing diffuser - it's our most popular starter kit! It's my sidekick, my main squeeze, my handy tool belt, and my wellness cabinet.
It comes with:
-A diffuser (you pick)
-Thieves - ain't nobody got time to be sick
-Lavender - the swiss army knife of oils this one does everything and it calms you down!
-Peppermint - tasty with chocolate and wakes you up!
-Lemon - sunshine in a bottle and perfect for cleaning!
-Panaway - for all of your tight muscles
-RC - this is the star in my chest rub
-DiGize - for unhappy tummies
-Stress Away - self explanatory
-Frankincense - grounds and centers me and my baby
-Copaiba - I take this daily to stay healthy
-Purification - for all kinds of stinky things
-A roller fitment - turn any bottle into a roll-on
-Samples & supplements
-Little glass bottles to throw in your purse, diaper bag or give as samples
-Learning literature - I empower you to learn how to use your oils
-An entire community of oilers
-An opportunity to start your own business if you ever choose to (and zero obligation to do so, if that ain't your jam)
****Update - Check out the new Premium Starter Bundles from Young Living! Now you receive 12 essential oils in your kit!
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Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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