Young Living Essential Oils December Promos Are Exciting!
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Young Living Essential Oils Holiday Pop Up Lavender Room In New York City And Kristin Cavallari Was There!

How cool is this? In the heart of New York City, Young Living essential oils opened  The Lavender Room, an oil-infused sensory pop-up experience and shop. Take a break from the holiday flurry and see what happens when you gift yourself with a pure moment of mindfulness. Enjoy this sensory experience and then get whisked away into Young Living’s whimsical holiday gift shop. People were invited in to experience a moment of "peace and centering" in the middle of NYC.


Kristin Cavallari was in the Christmas shopping mood on Tuesday. The former Hills star dropped into a pop up shop at The Lavender Room in New York City and took a sniff of a bottle of oil. Kristin Cavallari is a new spokesperson for Young Living essential oils and had this to say...

"No matter what it is in my life, whether it's food or cleaning supplies, I try to stay away from harsh chemicals, which is why I love Young Living so much. I get peace of mind that I'm getting a safe product. I can wipe down my entire kitchen counter, my kids can literally eat off of it, and I'm not freaking out that they're ingesting harmful chemicals."


From Architectural Digest...

"I'm creating a cookbook right now, and over the weekend I made butternut squash pancakes for the book. I used cinnamon bark oil, and they were awesome. I also made a cashew ricotta cheese and I used the basil oil. I probably use basil the most because fresh basil lasts for a second and then turns brown right away. My kids love peppermint hot chocolate, and I want to try a basil martini. I even put peppermint in my water sometimes. I just think it's nice, especially in the morning. For me, the bottom line is staying away from harsh chemicals. I read a lot of ingredient labels. I don't look at fat or calories; I just look at ingredients and what I'm putting into my body."


"I do like candles to set the mood, but I look to the diffuser for the smell. People come in and they always comment on how the house smells. Right now I love Thieves [a proprietary cinnamony blend of essential oils], and a new one for me this year is called Northern Lights, which smells like you're in the middle of a Christmas tree field. It's the most amazing scent in the entire world. I love lavender. I love rose—it's very feminine and sweet. I find grapefruit to be very energizing and uplifting. Around the holidays, I'm going to have Northern Lights with orange—it's heaven. I also love fresh flowers—I'm a big rose person. I don't go crazy; I just like having a nice bouquet on the kitchen counter. Dimming the lights, having some pretty flowers, having a good scent going in the diffuser, good food, and good cocktails are all you need for a great party."


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Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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