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Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe

Young Living Essential Oil Gifts! Black Friday Sale And Great Ideas On How To Give A Gift Your Peeps Will Love!

1 hour left on the Aria and Everyday Oils set! Everything else is good until 11:59pm MT tonight! Head over to www.EssentialOils4Sale.com and grab your cookies when you click on ORDER NOW. If you're not a wholesale member and saving 24% off retail, add a Premium Starter Kit to your shopping cart first and then shop the Black Friday deals! That way you'll save a total of 39% off retail on the essential oils below!


  • Owie Oil and a package of fun bandaids
    * Lavender Lotion and some fuzzy socks
    * Lavender Lotion and a nail file set
    * Skin Care System and a cute washcloth/hair tie
    * Lime Oil and a Margarita glass/Margarita Salt/Margarita Mix
    * Lime Oil and a Guacamole Bowl (Molcajete)
    * Dryer Balls and a baby blanket
    * Dryer Balls with Thieves Laundry Soap
    * Dryer Balls and a cute Laundry sign to hang
    * Thieves Hand Purifier and/or Lavender Lotion and Mittens
    * Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray
    * Basil Oil and Einkorn Spaghetti and cute Spaghetti Serving Spoon
    * Lemon Oil/Grapefruit/Lime/Tangerine and a Glass Water Bottle
    * PanAway and a hand held wooden massager
    * Joy Oil and a Christmas Ornament (Joyful Christmas)
    * Joy Oil and a Diffuser bracelet/necklace
    * Lavender Oil and a stuffed animal or baby blanket
    * Lavender Oil and Oven Mitts
    * Lavender Oil and an Eye Mask
    * Copaiba and a Teething Necklace
    * Copaiba and a hot/cold pack (cute one for when kids get owies)
    * Peppermint and a package of cocoa mix and a cute mug
    * Peppermint and a package of brownie mix
    * Peppermint and a Christmas Ornament
    * Stress Away and a good book
    * Stress Away and a cute package of epsom salt
    * Stress Away and a Stress Ball
    * Home Diffuser and bottle of oil
    * Aria Diffuser and an Engagement Ring (LOL)
    * Frankincense (Everyday Oils Kit) and a nativity set
    * Thieves Oil (Everyday Oils Kit) and a cute box of tissue (hehe)
    * Purification Oil (Everyday Oils Kit) and Dryer Balls
    * Purification Oil (Everyday Oils Kit) and a pet toy

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Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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