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Palo Santo Essential Oil
Young Living Spanish for “holy wood” or “sacred wood,” Palo Santo is a grounding, inspiring oil with a woodsy undertone. Like Frankincense, Palo Santo is known for being an uplifting oil that can be used to help deepen your connection as you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation.
• Diffuse by itself or with Lemon, Frankincense, or Lavender oils to invite a calming aroma into your home.
• Incorporate Palo Santo into your yoga ritual by diffusing it during your routine and applying it as part of a post-workout massage.
• Add a few drops of Palo Santo to your favorite lotion and apply before leaving the house to enjoy its woodsy scent throughout your day.
Lavender Vitality
Lavender Vitality - Young LivingAlong with marjoram, thyme, oregano, and rosemary, lavender plays an important role in the classic French seasoning herbes de provence. Adding just a little Lavender Vitality to your dishes can bring a complex note that’s pleasant, floral, and nuanced.
• Add a drop to soups and stews to give your favorite dishes new levels of depth and complexity.
• Take Lavender Vitality as a dietary supplement by placing 2 drops in a capsule as part of your daily wellness routine.
• Pep up ordinary hot tea or cider by stirring it with a toothpick that’s been dipped in Lavender Vitality for a subtly delicious twist!

Enjoy your oily day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, Young Living ID 1795137


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